Colombia, David Repizo

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Colombia, David Repizo

Origin: Colombia

Region: Tarqui 

Producer: David Repizo, El Refugio

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia

Processing:  Washed, Shade Dried

Flavour Notes:  Marzipan, Milk Chocolate, Grape Jelly 

In the township of El Pescado on his farm El Refugio, David Repizo and his
family farm Caturra and Colombia varietals at 1600masl. This lot is traditionally fermented in a ceramic-lined tank, fully washed, and shade-
dried naturally. 

David uses no fungicides, pesticides or herbicides, leaves a healthy amount of ground-cover, and is replacing chemical fertilizers with the on-farm preparations basedon the principle of fermenting organics to multiply microbial populations, the preparations are enriched with various micro-nutrients.

This coffee is very approachable while still being exciting an complex. This coffee performs exceptionally as a filter, full-immersion, or espresso. With layered chocolate notes and subtle grape jelly fruitiness with coffee is a pleasure to drink.