Kenya, Windrush AB

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Kenya, Windrush AB 

Origin: Kenya 

Region: Kiambu County

Producer: Farmers of Windrush Estate

Varietal: SL 28

Processing:  Washed, Sun-dried on raised beds 

Flavour Notes:  Stone Fruit, Citrus, Sweet Wine, Juicy 

Windrush is an estate of roughly 400 acres, on the steep slopes of Kiambu County. Known for its exceptional coffees using exclusively SL-28 varietals, coffee is grown at average elevation of 1750masl. Distinct in landscape, Windrush is colder and wetter, with lush valleys, many dams, and ancient fig trees.

Kenya coffees are amongst out favorite origins here at Receiver and we are always excited when we get the chance to bring one in to offer to our customers. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.